Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christina Hendricks' Hairstyle Transformation

While defining a signature look can take decades, the I don't Know How She Does It star naile hers by the time she turned 10. That was when she began dyeing her blond hair red. "She has the necessary standout personality to go that route," says colorist Vanessa Spaeth. Perhaps inspired by her role on Mad Men, Hendricks has been rocking retro hairstyles that look mad sexy against her milky complexion.


"With her fiery hair, porcelain skin, and curvy figure, she's like a human Jessica Rabbit! Her features are so striking, we actually downplay her makeup."
- Venessa Scali, makeup artist

See the many beautiful hairstyles of Christina Hendricks through the years below. It's quite obvious that while keeping her flattering red hue, she's passionate to try many different hairstyles, including curly hairstyles, straight hair, bob haircuts, buns and ponytails.

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