Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maintain Your Salon Haircut At Home (1)

Having just got a new haircut in the salon and feeling great? Beware that if you don't take proper care of your haircut, it will go from fab to drab in just a few months. Here are some tricks and tips. Follow them and you will keep your hair looking salon-worthy:

1. Avoid short bangs or blunt cuts but try long layered haircuts
   If you don't have enough time or money for routine trims, think twice before you go for a blunt cut or short bangs, which will soon grow longer and distroy the original style.Instead, a long and layered haircut is suggested for busy women nowadays. As it grows longer, it looks like just a longer version of the same style and still keeps the beauty.

2. Treat your hair well
   Even though you have a great haircut in the salon, it won't look the same great once you have split ends or breakage. So after you go out of the salon, start taking good care of your hair. For one thing, don't brush it or blow dry it with a hair dryer too often; for another, invest on some good quality hair conditioners, shampoos and lotions. Good products could maintain the health and luster of your hair, and thus your haircut will last longer and still look salon-worthy even after a few months.

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