Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seeing the doctor

It's been nearly a week since I got a cold but things went worse.Saturday morning when I waked up, I felt a sudden pain inside my right ear. Things like this never happen before. So I quickly went to the hospital emergency department, but the doctor said the ear might be a serious matter and I should see a ENT if things din't go better in 3 days.
Three days later, the pain in the ear has been eased but I still feel clogged, and the hearing was obviously not as good as the left ear. I was frightened, and rushed to a ENT.

Patients were a lot. I sat in the waiting room and wait. I was just about to fall asleep when the doctor called me.

Doctor asked me a few questions and checked my ear. I had some red secretions in the right ear, which she said was not bleeding. Tympanic membrane was found integrity without damaged signs. So I did not get otitis media. Even the anti-inflammatory drugs are not necessary. Judging from my situation, it is very likely that I have caught "sudden deafness". My God!

According to Baidu:
"Sudden deafness is a sudden unexplained sensorineural hearing loss, also known as storm deaf. Of unknown etiology ... it occurs acutely and progresses rapidly, which should be regarded as the ear emergency...best treatment time is within one week... treatment would be ineffective in
ten days..."

As I wavered out of the hospital, I still can not believe that without a sign, I'm going deaf. Is it a joke from god? If everything is cause and effect, I can't figure out what I did in the past causes what I got today.

There is bright sunshine in the street, but I feel cold. A breeze of wind mess my hair, yet I don't bother to take care of it. Perhaps, I should go for a short haircut! If we can't change things, we can change ourselves. I must cheer up and move on.

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