Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Want a new haircut

It's always said that a woman's wardrobe is always missing a piece of clothing.So with hairstyle. Everyday I hear people asking the same question: I want a new haircut! What haircut on earth would suit me?

Well, this kind of problem appears to be no solution. So many times I search and search the Internet, and finally find a celebrity hairstyle that I'd love to steal. Happily and hopefully I take the photo and go to the hairdresser: "Hey, I want this hairstyle. Give me exactly this." Well, it's often the case that your hairstylist will tell you that the hairstyle is not suitable for your face, or the style doesn't match your characteristic, or the haircut is hard to come out on you... Finally, you'd rather go back to your old hairstyle.
When you are determined to let the hair stylist decide your look, the hair stylist, in turns, throw back the question to you. "How short do you want to cut your hair? Would you like to keep bangs? A center part or side part? ..." God, that's what I want to ask you! Finally, I'd rather go back to my old hairstyle, for being safe.
Every time I go to the hair salon, the experience is almost the same as the above. So I lost interest of going to the salon. But from time to time, I would ask: I want to change my hairstyle.
Exactly what hairstyle would look good on me?
Perhaps the next time I will buy a wig instead. 

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